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Dongguk University graduate JUNG Bum-shik, who also received an MA in Film Directing from Chung-ang University, made his debut as a filmmaker in 2007 when he co-directed the horror film Epitaph with JUNG Sik. Set during the colonial period and featuring strong production values, Epitaph is widely considered one of the stronger Korean horror offerings from the late naughts. He teamed once again with JUNG Sik to pen the script for the high concept noir comedy Miss Conspirator in 2012. JUNG made his debut as a solo director that same year when he directed the first segment of the omnibus Horror Stories. The next year he once again contributed a segment to Horror Stories II. Both have been commended for their strong visuals and expert blending of horror and comic genre codes. JUNG returned with a feature-length film in early 2015 when he released

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Jung Bum-shik
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También conocido como: 정범식 / Beom-sik Jeong / Jung Bum-sik /

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