Inam Salusah

¿Quién es Inam Salusah?

Egyptian actor Enaam Salosa was born in the city of Dumyatt in 1939. While studying at Ayn Shams University, she participated in a number of theatrical performances in the College of Literature. After graduation, she enrolled at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts. Some of her most important works are television dramas including: “Layaly Al Helmya” (Al Helmya Nights), “El Liqa’ El Tani” (The Second Meeting), “Imraa min Zamn El Hub” (A Woman from the Time of Love), “Ya Rigal El Aalam Ithadu” (Oh Men of the World, Unite), and “Ailet El Hag Mitwali” (The Family Hag Mitwali). Salosa has also appeared in many films, including: “Mawad ala Asha’” (A Dinner Date; 1998), “El Irhab wal Kebab” (Terrorism and Kebab; 1992), “El Noom fil Aasel” (Sleeping in Honey; 1996), “Hammam fi Amsterdam” (Hammam in Amsterdam; 1999), and “Aasel Eswed” (Molasses; 2010).

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Inam Salusah
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También conocida como: إنعام سالوسة / Enaam Salosa /

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