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Camille Houssière (born 22 May 1992), better known as Camille Lou, is a French singer. She is well known for her roles in musicals, including 1789: Les Amants de la Bastille in the role of Olympe, and La Légende du roi Arthur in the role of Reine Guenièvre.

Camille Lou was born 22 May 1992 in Bersillies, near Maubeuge. Her father was a singer and guitarist for the group Paradoxe, thus she and her two older sisters were exposed to music at a young age, each later learning to play an instrument, Camille played the violin. At the age of twelve, she won a local singing competition, les Voix de Noël, in Hautmont. She attended lycée Notre-Dame de Grâce à Maubeuge. After having obtained her baccalaureate she attended the University of Valenciennes.

In January 2010, with the help of her guitar teacher at the time, Camille began her solo career under the pseudonym Jimmie. She began to sing and completed her first album La Grande Aventure, in pop-folk style. She made many appearances under her pseudonym, notably for her work on Coeur de Pirate's album in March 2010.

On 15 September 2017, she released the single "Self Control".

Being friends with fellow singers Nuno Resende and Merwan Rim, she was encouraged by the latter to sing in front of Dove Attia, a musical producer with whom Resende and Rim had both worked on Mozart, l'opéra rock. While attending a Parisian restaurant one evening, Camille and her family by chance were there at the same time as musical producer Dove Attia and singers from Mozart, l'opéra rock. Camille was encouraged by Rim to sing Falling Slowly from the film Once in front of Attia. Despite Camille having little prior experience in musical theatre, Attia was impressed and invited Camille to audition for his next musical. She sang a collection of songs from Mozart, l'opéra rock among others and finally in 2011, she won the role of Olympe, servant of Marie Antoinette in the musical 1789: Les Amants de la Bastille. Camille starred in the role for two runs of the show at the Palais des Sports in Paris as well as the 2012 tour around the country.

In 2014, Dove Attia proposed the role of Guenièvre (Guinivere) to Camille in his new musical, La Légende du roi Arthur, also featuring Florent Mothe's Arthur and Zaho's Morgane (Morgana). The musical was first performed on 17 September 2015 at Palais des congrès de Paris and toured France in 2016. Camille appears in her role in music videos for "Mon combat (Tir Nam Beo)", "Quelque chose de magique", and "Auprès d'un autre" (the latter also features peaks at the activity behind the scenes).

In December 2014, she recorded a song for the album We Love Disney with Garou, a cover of the song "Beauty and the Beast" from the Disney film of the same name.

She participated in the album Forever Gentlemen Volume 2 singing a cover of "La soleil de ma vie" with Amir.

She also was featured in a photoshoot for Tara Jarmon.

Following 1789: Les Amants de la Bastille, she became dedicated to her solo projects but also equally to her band composed of five singers that performed in Les Chansons d'abord at the side of Natasha St-Pier, broadcast each Sunday at 5 pm on France 3.

Camille was cast as Hélène Barignet in Emmanuel Fricero's film Marché noir. ...

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También conocida como: カミーユ・ルー / Каміль Лу / 卡米爾·盧 /

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