Brianni Walker

¿Quién es Brianni Walker?

6x nominee 4x award & Jr. Oscar winner, Brianni Walker currently known globally for role in Dhar Mann Motivational Series (her videos has generate over 1 billion views & as Jenna on Brattv "Mani" & Nina on Nickelodeon Sam & Cat. Brianni a rapper, singer song writer, model, music producer with Girls Make Beats, film critic, red carpet host, anti-bully advocate, 2 feature films "Tell Her" as Aisha released on Disney Russia May 21, 2021, and Dhar Mann's Girl Finds Out She's Adopted On Thanksgiving as Toni released Nov 22, 2021, 2 songs "Step Back, No Bullies" & "We Must Rise Up, Stop Bullying." released Nov 20 2021 on all social media platform, has an article in New York Wire 2021, upcoming projects with Barbie Makes Beat & Grammy winner Andra Day, and recently added a her remix to MTV Moon Man Theme.

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